Build a Better Body in 30 Days

Losing weight and getting in shape is hard, Rebody makes it easy

Start setting goals that get results.

  • Track and analyze any aspect of the human body, from weight to posture to muscle density. If you can measure it, we can track it.
  • Set short, easy goals that will help you feel accomplished.
  • Focus on the metrics and see how different activities really affect your body and health.
  • Try proven workout plans that target the specific things you want to redesign.
  • Help your peers achieve their goals by sharing anything from meal plans to photo tips.
  • Participate in a community of self-experimenters as dedicated as you are.

I struggled to lose weight for 8 years.

By using Rebody to focus on the metrics and setting short goals for myself, I was able to find inspiration and accomplishment daily and stick to meeting my goals.

I lost 24 pounds in two months and weighed less than I did in college.

Rebody is not just about losing weight...

I don't have much free time.

After work, the last thing I want to do is spend 1.5 hours at the gym, but by tracking my metrics I've been able to figure out what specific exercises and diet changes actually have the biggest impact and work for me.

I now work out less than an hour per week and look better than I have in years. Six-pack here I come!

Although you can do that too. Rebody is about deciding on the change you want to make, setting up the constraints of your goal and then actually tracking relevant metrics so that you can figure out the minimal amount of effort you need to expend to get the results you want. Along the way you can share your progress to inspire and hopefully be inspired by other self-experimenters as passionate and as creative as you are.

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Who are we? Rebody was started by two friends who firmly believe that achieving almost anything is simply a matter of finding the right strategy. We want to share what we've learned, and we want to learn from you too so we hope you'll join us and start having fun rebuilding yourself.